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Find all the Open Source Events happening around the globe month-wise and never miss any opportunity to learn and grow from the experts 😉

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Participate in these programs listed month-wise and take your Open Source journey to the next level and earn some swags 😍

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Domain-specific projects from Beginner to Advanced level are available that you can contribute to and sharpen your skills. Follow Contributing guidelines, choose your domain and get started 💯


What is Open Source? How to make your first PR?
Know all of it and much more from the gurus.
Specially curated videos to get you started 📚


Contributing to Open Source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine.
To know more about Open Source contribution, read some articles and blogs on it.


About Us


To empower Open Source and create an environment of excellent individuals who believe in the power of Open Source and Community Building.

Collaborate --> Learn --> Try --> Fail --> Learn --> Iterate --> Build

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What exactly is Opentek?
  • Brings everything related to Open Source under one Umbrella.
  • No more spending hours on Internet finding events, resources and programs.
  • Completely Open Source - Anyone can contribute to this!
  • Long term goal is to build a community that truly believes in Open Source and building in public.
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How can you help us?

  • If you are a Project Admin, submit your project and help everyone to start their Open Source contributions on your project.
  • If you know about any events or programs that are not listed already.
  • By helping us in organizing various events related to Open Source.
  • Be it small or large, every { Contribution } matters!
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